How long are the students here?
3-4 weeks

Do host families get paid?
No, this is all done on a volunteer basis.

Who is eligible to host?
All types of families are encouraged to apply;
there is no "typical" Host Family. Families can have
small or teenage children at home, be empty nesters,
couples with no children and single parents.
Families shouldn't worry about being too busy.
The more opportunity the exchange student has to
experience your life, the better!

Can I host more than one student?
Having more than one student in the home jeopardizes
the purpose of homestay. Students tend to rely on each
other for support and friendship instead of their host family.

What is a host family's financial obligation?
Students have their own spending money for their
personal needs, souvenirs. Families are providing
meals, housing.

What if problems arise?
Group leaders accompany the students, as well as your
local coordinator. If any emergencies or problems arise
these adults are on call 24/7. If the placement does not
work out satisfactory the student will be placed with
another family.

Can we "pick" our student?
YES! Your local coordinator will help you select a student who will be a good fit for your family. Students are between 14-18 years of age.

Do we pay for our student to go on field trips?
No. That is covered by STEP.

Is our family able to go with our student on the field trips?
YES! We encourage it. If a family wants to come along they pay our group rate for the trip that day.

Where are the meeting places for the field trips?
Meeting locations are made after all students are placed so that it is convenient for everyone participating/

Will our student speak English?
Each student is dedicated to their studies. Through the years they have been studying English in school, but not all of them have had a chance to put their skills to use in the real world. Some students will come with a full command of conversational English. Some students will just be learning how! You will guide them and help them with their second language. They are excited to teach their host families about Spain!

What can a host family expect?
As a host family you provide a place for the student to sleep. This could be a room, a bed, not a convertible or inflatable in nature; sharing a room with sibling of the same gender, close in age, is fine. Students will be sharing meals with you, including lunches and meals eaten as a family in restaurants. On field trip days we ask that students be able to pack a lunch from home if they like. Host parents will bring their students to the meeting point for the weekly field trip for that group. Students will participate in your family's daily lives and events. The same care, support, and comfort you would share with any other member of your family. Each student comes with their own spending money, and full health and liability insurance.






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